Young Cancer Patients

childs - boy wig. colour FR25

It is a very sad fact of life that young people and children get cancer too.  While cancer is still predominantly a disease for which the likelihood increases with age, children and young adults also fall victim.  The good news is that there is now much greater awareness of this fact, and of their particular needs beyond their clinical treatment plans.

All of us are totally absorbed with how we look.  At each level of attractiveness or otherwise, each of us knows ourselves as we are and as we look.  We therefore all have a great affinity with that and to think that only the young and beautiful looks matter is as disengenuous as to think that cancer only happens to older people and therefore young victims are, as the exception to the rule, not worth devoting many resources to, outside what is medically and clinically essential.
Everybody, but everybody, no matter what age, stage of illness, prognosis or any other criteria, deserves the very best of treatment in every single discipline.  Not just medical or surgical, but cosmetic, social and aesthetic.  We all need to like the way we look. for gorgeous wigs at sensible prices for women, men and children.

Gemma wig colour blend FR130/118/2 a lovely auburn

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