Children’s Wigs

It is a sad fact of life that children get cancer and leukemia and suffer hair-loss from the illness itself or from the treatment or both!  Many children are not too fazed by the hair-loss and will be very stoic about being bald, often preferring this to wearing anything at all by way of head covering.

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However, there are those children, particularly, and not surprisingly, usually girls, who will be very upset even at the thought of loosing their hair.  For them then, the most helpful thing is to provide them with as many options as possible and let them choose.  There may or may not be financial or other pressures which may make a real hair wig too costly.  If there are other children in the family, there is pressure not to make the other children feel left out.  I know that sounds strange, but children are children and they should not be expected to necessarily understand things even when siblings are sick.

Discuss with the child what she or he would prefer within the necessary budget and then search the local and internet sources.¬† The hospital may well have suggestions too, but they might not be suitable so search for¬† suitable local webshops and places where a free consultation is offered and children’s wigs are held as stock.

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