Wig demonstration at Cambridge Cancer Help Centre!

Wednesday 27th June at 14.00hrs, we are holding a wig demonstration at The Cambridge Cancer Help Centre, David Rayner Building, Scotsdales, Shelford, Cambridge.

If you would like to try before you buy, look at the great range of styles and colours, or just ask for advice and support, do come along.  It is expected that this event will be held every month, depending on interest, time and space available.

The idea was raised by one of the regular patients who asked me if I could bring in some wigs for people to have a look at.  I was immediately very enthusiastic, but asked her to raise it with one of the Trustees for their approval.  So, here we have it, or rather, next week we have it.

I stipulated that though there would be no obligation to buy a wig, it was, by the same token, not for those who were not serious about wearing a wig.  In other words, it was not a side show for the men to have a laugh over.   That, of course, would only apply to much older men, as young men are very often customers themselves, choosing, as they do these days, not to put up with early onset baldness.

I will be demonstrating mostly the styles chosen by the older ladies.  This is because most of the patients who come to the Centre, are older ladies, and of course, it is a fact that cancer and alopecia are

Maddy wig - short style 3 colour FR18T

most common in older people.

Nikki wig - style 2 colour FR27

Lupus patients often lose their hair.

Lupus is a disease which affects many people and can result in significant hair-loss.  A disease of the immune system, it has many varied symptoms and degrees of severity.  Hair-loss and skin problems are common and need special attention as sensitive skin can make wearing a wig difficult or uncomfortable.

Wigs can be made with especially light-weight and soft construction to minimize any discomfort, and it is especially important that the fit should be good to avoid slipping or rubbing.  Wherever possible, a really good match to the patient’s own hair will avoid the need to hide every strand of hair and therefore assist ease of putting on and wearing a wig.

Lily wig colour ref: HK26