why wear a wig?

Do you wish that you had better hair? Do you struggle with confidence issues over your hair? Does that spoil a good night out or a holiday?

Maybe your hair is ok but you’d just like to be able to change colour or style at the drop of a hat now and again. To be spontaneous and go with the flow so to speak, but without the cost and risk to your own hair? Most likely, as with us all, you just really love to look good – cool in jeans and glam in a dress!!

Maybe you have been affected by illness or stress. Teenage and childhood cancers are also devastating conditions for young people. One thing that is very important in encouraging and maintaining their positive outlook and confidence is being able to address the hair-loss consequence of these and other illnesses with optimism. Young adults and children just love to dress up and make up. It is a very girlie thing and from an ever younger age, girls are doing just that! The wigs we stock are synthetic and therefore relatively cheap without looking cheap, and together with the fact that they are so shiny, funky and fun, they bring huge pleasure and reassurance just when it is needed.

Doctors and nurses are there to look after all the physical and treatment needs Wear my Hair can, at least, provide comfort and reassurance that there is no need to hide away from the world. You can look just brilliant with a synthetic wig of your choice.

You have arrived girls! Wear my hair has everything – part of the solution, not the problem! From everyday wear to extra glam, dressing up or down, our edgy site will meet all your needs. Browse, choose, buy and never look back. With our beautiful synthetic wigs, extensions and hairpieces you can afford to have the hair you want every day.

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